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The main objectives of the society are:

  1. Bringing to light the contributions of Arab and Muslim physician to the history of medicine and to promote public awareness of these contributions. This is to be achieved through encouraging more research and academic studies of earlier Islamic Medicine.
  2. Establishment of a library, which will include an index and copies of old manuscripts in addition to recently published books about the history of Islamic Medicine.
  3. Issuing a bi-annual journal for publishing researches and articles related to history of Islamic medicine. Also issuing a quarterly newsletter.
  4. An international conference to be held every two years (the first meeting will be held in Istanbul in 2002).
  5. Allocating a prize to be awarded every two years for the best work on the History of Islamic Medicine.
  6. A museum for the History of Islamic Medicine is to be established in Doha.
  7. Cooperation with other societies and organizations having similar purposes.